Top 10 Social Media Tactics To Increase Sales for Café Business In Australia.

Shaeerah Tashfeen
2 min readJul 30, 2021

Establishing a café business in Australia could be a very stressful task in itself. So it is largely in need of creativity and commitment, and let’s not forget the right tools. One of the hugely popular tools is social media that can surprisingly increase sales for café businesses, especially in Australia.

Some of the top 10 tactics that can help increase sales for café businesses in Australia are put down below.

Public Relations and Advertising

Getting on popular social networking apps and websites and showing your ads there could help you in increased conversion rates.

Multiple Payment Methods.

Most customers do not have a job or can’t afford a credit card. It would be very attractive if there is an option of "cash on delivery". Most online businesses don’t have it as they like to have other transaction methods before delivery.

Car Service Delivery.

Goodyear Autocare is known to be the most trusted car service in Australia. If you want more traffic on your business, collaborating with them could increase your chances for customers to pick your café for their lunch delivery.

Australian Domain name and Contact.

In Australia, all the businesses have unique 11 digit contact numbers which are required for the government to identify the business. Make sure you get that in check before setting up your shop!

Moderate Prices.

Food and clothing are pretty expensive in Australia as compare to other parts of the work. So when putting a price on your café food, make sure you price them moderate. It will attract customers thinking even though the price is moderate, food quality is not compromised.

Creating your online Application.

Make your application can make the customers trust you more. They would know that whatever they would say in feedback, it would be heard. Meaning, there is no middle man which would likely hinder the communication process.

Storytelling the café motto and recipes with the trendy/hot topics currently.

Suppose there is a women rights movement in media and you telling the story of one of your employees how she managed to keep on cooking despite the immense pressure from family to leave the work and focus on family.

Free sauces along with the food.

Providing free ketchup or mayo would be a plus point in increasing traffic on your café.

Custom made order.

Some people have allergies or intolerance to certain food. If they order food cater to their requirement, they very much prefer that.

Health and safety certificated.

It is required in Australia to provide all the health and safety certificated regarding the restaurant for legal purposes.

That's all for today. Ciao!